My Profile---「璃Band」The New style of the “Piano X Percussion Band”

 What is the “PPD Band.Li”?


 *special example:

[Non Stop] 1 HOUR English Pop music  cover

Long-Term Goals:

A Special band (Use Percussion Skills) with pop  music style


Percussion Ensemble(+Piano +Drums  occasionally)/Cover/Anime Songs/POP music/Mayday/Jpop/(Originalin the future)

璃 Band(PPD Band.Li)= Piano + Percussion(Marimba , Vibraphone)+Drums


孫 春璃(SO,HA-RU)

Instrument: Marimba, Vibraphone ,Piano

I’m interested in Percussion ,Music …
In the virtual band—“PPD Band.Li”,
I’m a Percussionist, Arranger, Pianist, Painters who is NOT good at painting,Piano(Only can Play the Percussions??)
(Poor money, lack of membership -> Obviously not drawing or piano, but I have to draw my own illustrations, so please forgive my style.)

This year's freshman.
Although currently for various reasons
(to earn a living, music is hard to make a living in Taiwan)
--Studying software development related departments, but what I really like is percussion.

季 建誠――誠璃(KI, KEN-SEI – SEI RI)

Instrument: Drums, Vibraphone, Glockenspiel , Marimba…
 「What!?Use percussion with the POP Music Style?Are you crazy?What’s more, even if the band counts me up, it’s only two people. The basic members are not enough...」

Hello everyone
 I am a percussionist for high school students (first grade in high school).
The nickname of this group is "SEI RI", but as a handsome guy who doesn't look handsome, I hope that everyone will call me "Jiancheng." Or “KEN SEI”. Although I mainly serve as a drummer in Youtube, I prefer to play the Vibraphone. Please advise!

Real-world reasons (why started using virtual bands on Youtube):

Because keyboard percussion is not common in Asia.
To make more people know Marimba, Vibraphone can have more innovative development
And to make my own original music known to more people, I started to run Youtube.
1. It's just original that it's difficult to have exposure -> Start with COVER music first
2. Poor money, lack of members -> Obviously not drawing or piano, but I have to draw my own illustrations, so please forgive my style
3. In this PPD Band, only SO, HA-RU is human beings in the real world. KEN-SEI is a virtual idol and virtual percussion player.

 If I (SO,HA-RU)Participate in live performances in the future:

1 May be different from the version on Youtube, and I Need background music(I can’t play a variety of instruments at the same time)
2 I look ordinary, not a cute beautiful girl.I'm just an ordinary college student.
Compared with other expertise,I am not good at singing, so I can only rely on my efforts to become a special style.
(Not the lovely voice of a beautiful woman. It's low, somewhere between “Handsome performance
” and “Try to sing songs well”)

If you can accept such Youtuber, I am extremely grateful.

If you only like "beauty artists" or "pure singers", please jump out of this page and you can ignore my performance on that day. Thank you.

I'm sorry, my English is very poor. Learning. Please forgive me words.Thank you.