My Profile---「璃Band」The New style of the “Piano X Percussion Band”

 What is the “PPD Band.Li”?


 *special example:

[Non Stop] 1 HOUR English Pop music  cover

Long-Term Goals:

A Special band (Use Percussion Skills) with pop  music style


Percussion Ensemble(+Piano +Drums  occasionally)/Cover/Anime Songs/POP music/Mayday/Jpop/(Originalin the future)

璃 Band(PPD Band.Li)= Piano + Percussion(Marimba , Vibraphone)+Drums


孫 春璃(SO,HA-RU)

Instrument: Marimba, Vibraphone ,Piano

I’m interested in Percussion ,Music …
In the virtual band—“PPD Band.Li”,
I’m a Percussionist, Arranger, Pianist, Painters who is NOT good at painting,Piano(Only can Play the Percussions??)
(Poor money, lack of membership -> Obviously not drawing or piano, but I have to draw my own illustrations, so please forgive my style.)

This year's freshman.
Although currently for various reasons
(to earn a living, music is hard to make a living in Taiwan)
--Studying software development related departments, but what I really like is percussion.

季 建誠――誠璃(KI, KEN-SEI – SEI RI)

Instrument: Drums, Vibraphone, Glockenspiel , Marimba…
 「What!?Use percussion with the POP Music Style?Are you crazy?What’s more, even if the band counts me up, it’s only two people. The basic members are not enough...」

Hello everyone
 I am a percussionist for high school students (first grade in high school).
The nickname of this group is "SEI RI", but as a handsome guy who doesn't look handsome, I hope that everyone will call me "Jiancheng." Or “KEN SEI”. Although I mainly serve as a drummer in Youtube, I prefer to play the Vibraphone. Please advise!

Real-world reasons (why started using virtual bands on Youtube):

Because keyboard percussion is not common in Asia.
To make more people know Marimba, Vibraphone can have more innovative development
And to make my own original music known to more people, I started to run Youtube.
1. It's just original that it's difficult to have exposure -> Start with COVER music first
2. Poor money, lack of members -> Obviously not drawing or piano, but I have to draw my own illustrations, so please forgive my style
3. In this PPD Band, only SO, HA-RU is human beings in the real world. KEN-SEI is a virtual idol and virtual percussion player.

 If I (SO,HA-RU)Participate in live performances in the future:

1 May be different from the version on Youtube, and I Need background music(I can’t play a variety of instruments at the same time)
2 I look ordinary, not a cute beautiful girl.I'm just an ordinary college student.
Compared with other expertise,I am not good at singing, so I can only rely on my efforts to become a special style.
(Not the lovely voice of a beautiful woman. It's low, somewhere between “Handsome performance
” and “Try to sing songs well”)

If you can accept such Youtuber, I am extremely grateful.

If you only like "beauty artists" or "pure singers", please jump out of this page and you can ignore my performance on that day. Thank you.

I'm sorry, my English is very poor. Learning. Please forgive me words.Thank you.


小鐵琴教學教材(上方為純音檔影片 下方為樂譜)

偶像夢幻祭あんさんぶるスターズ Knights

偶像夢幻祭 あんさんぶるスターズ Knights 鋼琴與打擊樂重奏版 Piano&Percussion version ピアノと打楽器アンサンブル 編曲:孫春璃 (SO,HAN-RU |発音:ソンハル Keyin:ソン ハル リ ) Fight for judge Checkmate Knights

第10章 張真儀篇 尾聲 追夢在我 圖書館日常

江建凱已經知道自己未來的目標是什麼,就不會在跟之前一樣逼迫自己「考不到第一人生就毀了」之類的態度,反而是重於「是不是自發的想學習」、「自己到底努力了多少」的過程。 他是普高的學生(我是綜高升技職大學),才高二就去借高三的模擬考書籍,平均每次數學都是相當於十三到十四級分上下。他不喜歡只是算懂考卷的內容,而是要徹底了解公式背後的意義,甚至剛開始有時候寧可一題解上一小時他也開心,後來看他解題的速度,我只能說「羨慕」或是「佩服」。(我討厭數學,所以升高中會考時故意避開普通高中) 至於他過去那如同咒詛般總是高不過三十九分的英文,也逐漸維持在五十分上下,他很認真的背單字與文法,有時候還會跟我借書去看,目標是眼前的小考會及格,以及上大學以後逐漸有能力讀原文課本。 其他科目則是目標維持在七十就好,不會再跟以前一樣過分追求成績,而是重視「努力過程」就好。他再也不會為了家人的面子讀書,那樣只會使自己痛苦,畢竟就算拿到全班第二還被責怪「不是建中生,成績再高也沒有用」,不如發自內心的想讀書、為自己讀書比較好。 我以後打算當寫程式的程式師,音樂當興趣就好。所以除了平常會在學校練程式以外,偏向理論、紙本的(相較於用電腦實機操作的)科目會約江建凱學弟一起到石牌附近某大學的圖書館換證進去自習。 「我得承認──即便讀資管系,我還是一樣討厭英文跟數學,程式為主、日文為輔的學習。」 「討厭英文加一!但是後來想想為了未來想讀國立**科技大學的資工系還是決定要順便讀英文,所以妳剛剛才看我背過英文單字。」看得出來他很認真背單字。 江建凱還是告訴我數學的重要性,雖然我還是不喜歡數學,直到有一天遇到一科名為「資料結構」被裡面的數學整慘了。 結果才講了沒多久,江建凱竟然主動跟我借書就開始在算大學資料結構的數學以及資管用的大學微積分。 還有一次我才開玩笑的表示「資工系要算線性代數,我不想算」,他又立刻去拿圖書館的書到書桌前開始讀線性代數。我真是佩服江建凱學弟──他才高二啊! 他卻佩服我「高中日文科又上大學資管,又會寫程式又會日文」以及「作為璃Band的作曲者兼團長」(他真的是過獎了!璃Band成員明明只有我跟他二人而已,基本上沒必要特別去做「管理」。) 於是,江建凱學弟提出一個點子──要我教他程式,他叫我數學。 所以之後又常常約他到這間大學的圖書館。 至於讀累的時候,